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  1. Kevin wallin

    Why is ESPN Chattanooga airing a local mostly political show on Saturdays. There was enough sports talk I guess to call it a sports show. Not that I have anything against Mr wamp or his sister, it just seems his show is misplaced on your station. If someone is expecting sports and finds a debate on whether Bob corker is the greatest or only the second greatest chattanooga there is a bit of a shock and let down. If he wants a sports show then talk sports. If he wants to keep his name stirring in the political circles then he should go hang out with styles.

  2. wellsg


    Thanks for reaching out. Weston’s show is a fusion of sports and politics. With the recent tragedy in Chattanooga, the show has had more of a “political feel” in recent weeks. I’m sure you can understand that.

    FYI: Weston has NASCAR driver Austin Dillon scheduled for this Saturday’s (7/25) show. Since the show’s inception, Weston has talked sports with former Tennessee quarterback Heath Shuler, Denver Nuggets GM Tim Connelly and PGA Tour golfer Scott Stallings.

    I hope that you will continue to listen to the station and the show.

    -ESPN Chattanooga Staff Member

  3. John Lee

    Tennessee should hold an event in eastern Europe. Think of all the great players that are of eastern European extraction. Start with Bronco Nagurski…. all the way down to Gronkowski, Janikowski,Gostkowski, You get the idea.

  4. Scott Whitcraft

    Could SEC hold the UF-LSU make-up game at a neutral site? They could pay the locale a flat fee and provide all stadium revenue to whomever was to hold the home-game. Although, I understand outside vendors would still not be able to recover their lost revenue. Better than nothing?

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