Episode 5-Worst Plays in Sports/Naomi Osaka and Mental Health

It’s always fun when you can look back and reminisce about OTHER people’s humiliation especially when it comes to boneheaded, brain fart type plays that we’ve witnessed throughout the years by professional athletes, it’s nice to know that they’re also human from time to time.

That’s the main topic between me and Angie Moryan as we give you the opening shot in this week’s podcast as we look back on that crazy play between the Pirates and Javier Baez in a game last week.

In addition, we check in with our New York State of Mind with Mets outfielder Kevin Pillar returning a couple of weeks after he got clocked in the face with a 95 MPH fastball while rocking a mask.

Finally, Naomi Osaka made a decision that not many athletes would and we applaud her for it which led to a spirited discussion regarding journalists nowadays and how they handle conversations with athletes.

Check it out:




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