The 5th Quarter w/Brooks Carter & Jill Jelnick: Episode #2

Brooks and Jill are back with episode #2 of “The 5th Quarter”, talking NFL Playoffs and more!

Highlights from Episode #2:

Segment 1: Brooks and Jill’s 3 big takeaways from the week in sports

Segment 2: Chase McCabe joins The 5th Quarter to talk about the Titans, and their decision to fire Coach Mike Mularkey

Segment 3: Brooks and Jill introduce “He said, She said”, a brand new segment where they breakaway from sports and talk about pop culture, food, fun… pretty much whatever they want to talk about

Segment 4: Victory Formation (A segment that briefly touches on some sports headlines Brooks and Jill didn’t get to yet, and wraps up the show)

Listen below: